Owen Smith’s response to the publication of the Silk Commission’s second report

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith MP,  commenting on the publication of the Silk Commission’s second report into the future of Welsh devolution, said:

“I would like to thank Paul Silk and his colleagues for producing this comprehensive report. Labour has a proud, unrivalled record of devolving power and the next Labour government will maintain that tradition of delivering power and accountability closer to the people of all of the nations and regions of the UK.

“We will also seek to strengthen the voice of Wales, and of the other devolved nations and regions, in our Parliament here at Westminster, and to strengthen the economic, social and cultural ties which bind the people of the UK together, and make us stronger and better together.

“In its 226 pages, Silk makes more than 60 detailed recommendations on transport, natural resources, energy, policing and broadcasting. We will consider these carefully, and in the context of the wider constitutional settlement across the whole of the UK.”