Owen Smith MP joins campaigners against Ponty test centre closure

Pontypridd MP Owen Smith met with local driving instructors in Llantrisant on Friday where they were protesting against the Tory government’s proposed closure of Pontypridd Test Centre.

The government is proposing to close Pontypridd Test Centre and relocate to Llantrisant instead.

Instructors have pointed out that the relocation will mean that most learners from Pontypridd to the very top of the Rhondda will face extra travelling time and additional costs.

Following their meeting with the local MP, the 22 instructors drove as a convoy through Talbot Green to Pontyclun and Miskin as an example of the test route they’d have to use instead.

Commenting after the meeting, Owen Smith said:

“Local driving instructors are right to be angry about the closure of the test centre, Ponty is central to most residents of RCT so it makes sense to keep it there.

“I was pleased to meet with the instructors to hear their concerns and show my support for their campaign for the test centre to remain in Pontypridd.

“I have already written to the DVSA urging them to keep Ponty test centre open, and I am meeting with the new Chief Executive next week to make the case in person.”

Mick Antoniw AM said:

“The Tory government are once again failing to listen to the concerns of local people, and are instead using this move as a cost saving exercise.

“Driving instructors throughout Taff Ely are understandably concerned that the relocation will add to congestion problems in Talbot Green and Llantrisant and make it harder for them to teach learners.

“I hope the DVSA will listen to our concerns and keep the test centre in Pontypridd.”