Owen Smith MP and local Councillors bid to save Hawthorn Swimming Pool

Pontypridd MP Owen Smith met with local Councillors and residents this week to discuss ongoing efforts to save Hawthorn Swimming Pool.

RCT Council are due to decide in the next month whether funds can be found to refurbish the much loved facility.

Gwen Young, an active swimmer at Hawthorn said:

“The pool is very well used by swimmers of all ages from right across Pontypridd, and we all hope Owen can speak for residents and tell the Council we need to keep our pool open.”

Responding, Owen Smith said:

“I learned to swim in the pool and I know how well valued it is by the community. Along with local Councillors Maureen Webbeer and Teressa Bates, I am pressing the Council Leader and his officials make the right decision and keep our pool open.”