Owen Smith attends opening of new Llantrisant butchers

Local MP Owen Smith was delighted to attend the opening of brand new butchers ‘Ye Olde Town Butchers’ in Llantrisant on Friday.

Ye Olde Town Butchers is proud to sell locally sourced meat produce and bread freshly baked in Llantrisant. Local resident Kevin Dean has opened the shop 35 years since the town last had a butchers. 

Master butcher Kevin Dunford will lead the staff in making sausages, faggots and pies on site, as well as developing traditional Welsh cured hams. The shop will also sell freshly baked bread from Aker’s bakers in Llantrisant, as well as Billy Wynt loose leafed tea and other locally sourced food.

Commenting, Owen Smith said:

“It’s brilliant for Llantrisant old town to have a butchers again. Those of us who live there can use the local butcher and baker and can shop in Dave’s Bullring Store and so never need to use Tesco again. I’m going to try not to as much as possible, I’ll get my faggots, sausages, steak and bread all from Llantrisant, thought I must admit I’ve never spotted a tea plantation on the Billy Wynt mountain!”