Owen on the closure of Pontypridd Magistrates Court

Owen Smith, Member of Parliament for Pontypridd, commenting on the announcement from the Ministry of Justice that they will be closing Pontypridd Magistrates Court in the summer of 2016 despite receiving a large number of objections and concerns, said:

“I am disappointed and concerned at the decision of the Tories to close Pontypridd Magistrates Court. The principle of local justice is important and this decision will have an impact on access to justice for victims of crime. Many people want to see justice done in their own community and will rightly see this decision as preventing that happening. This will be a particular issue for young and vulnerable people caught up in the legal system, who may struggle with travel arrangements.

“The decision will also add additional pressure to the resources of the police and a range of other agencies, by increasing travelling time to reach alternative courts. As well as having a negative impact on the local economy, as employment importunities are moved out of the area.”