MP & AM campaign to save Llantrisant Post Office

Member of Parliament for Pontypridd, Owen Smith and Assembly Member Mick Antoniw have launched a campaign to save the Post Office at Southgate in Llantrisant, following a decision by the Co-operative to remove the Post Office from within the store.

Campaigning outside the Co-operative retail store where the Post Office is located Owen Smith said:

“As the local MP and as someone who lives in Llantrisant and regularly uses the Post Office in Southgate, I am deeply disappointed to learn of the Co-op’s decision to close it.

“The service the Post Office provides is vital to our community in Llantrisant and I will be campaigning alongside Mick Antoniw to try to save it. We have already started a petition which we will be handing to the Co-op in person in the next few weeks, and we have today met with local residents, and listened to their very valid concerns about this decision.

“The Post Office is regularly used by residents not just from Southgate but the rest of Llantrisant too, and is essential for elderly people who may not be able to easily access a bank or get online.

“Mick and I will continue to put pressure on the Co-op to review the decision, which seems to have been taken without any consultation with Post Office staff or local residents and representatives.”

Campaigning with Owen Smith and local Community Councillor Allan Matheson, Mick Antoniw said:

“South Wales is the home of the cooperative movement and so it is particularly disappointing that the Co-op have made this decision.  We have been in discussions with the Co-op and will meet with senior management soon, where we will be stressing that the Post Office is good for both the Co-op and for local people.”

Sue Bowers, a local business woman from Llantrisant agrees, saying:

“I’m a local business owner and this decision will be a huge blow to my business.  It will add to costs in terms of time and inconvenience.  I would encourage as many people as possible to sign the petition and help save this valuable community asset.”



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Notes to editors

Owen Smith & Mick Antoniw are available for interview.

Photos (2) attached: Owen Smith MP, Mick Antoniw AM and Community Councillor Allan Matheson outside the Co-op in Llantrisant.